Ten Years of Marriage

Sometimes its hard to believe you've been married to your man for ten years. That's a whole decade of life together. You can't believe its been ten years since you felt as if you were starring in your own fairy tale. Your hair looked amazing with your shiny, diamond tiara. Your wedding dress was just right and fit you like a glove. You remember walking arm in arm with your dad down the aisle, he looked at you and asked if you were ready. You said yes, and you were never more sure about anything. You walked down the aisle, so happy and confident, as every one of your family and friends looked on. But you only had eyes for him, and that day, ten years ago in June, you joined your heart with his, and you never looked back.

To celebrate our anniversary, one of the special things we did was get cupcakes. We had the baker put number 10's on each one, in blue, our wedding color. The cupcakes were chocolate with white icing, just like our wedding cake was. Then I set up a photo of the cupcakes with the tiara I wore as a bride and our unity candle.

The cupcakes are just the start to celebrating our ten year anniversary this week. We'll have fun celebrating but we also can't wait for even more and more decades together!


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