Central District Ice Cream Company

Going out for ice cream is an activity that's made for summer evenings. Once dinner has been cooked, eaten, and the dishes have been done, a trip to get ice cream is just the ticket.

You can find unique ice cream flavors and penny candy at the Central District Ice Cream Company. It is on a more expensive scale, so don't think about how much cheaper Dairy Queen is and just go for something different. The store is small and the people working there are really friendly.

Besides ice cream cones and scoops in a cup, you can also get ice cream sandwiches. You can choose any flavor in either a pizzelle, a unicorn macaron, or a chocolate cookie. The four of us tried a little of it all. My boys each had a unicorn macaron ice cream sandwich with some Cherry Chocolate Chip ice cream. I had a blue pizzelle with the same flavor and my husband had a scoop of the Passion Orange Guava in a waffle cone.

They make their homemade ice cream in small batches and they have eight flavors that change every month. Some of the other flavors right now are Strawberry Rhubarb Shortcake, Roasted Apricot Sunflower, Chocolate Lavender, Coconut Curry, Blueberry Basil Balsamic, and Ginataang Mango Mulunggay. If you're not sure about a flavor and want to try it, they'll give you a sample.

Go check it out if you're looking for a unique treat and want to try an ice cream flavor you've never had.


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