Lunch at Slappy Cakes in Portland

If you're searching for a child friendly and fun breakfast place in Portland, then look no further than Slappy Cakes. Our lunch there was my favorite part of our visit to Portland. This was one of the coolest and fun dining experiences I've had. Each table has its own individual built-in range where you make your own pancakes. On the menu you'll find several flavors of pancake batters. They arrive to the table in bottles you can squeeze onto the range and make your pancakes. There are also add-ins to choose from. From sweet to savory add-ins, there's something for everyone. We chose a buttermilk pancake batter and a peanut butter batter. For our add-ins, we picked bananas, strawberries, and chocolate chips. When I saw they had peanut butter batter, I couldn't resist choosing the bananas and chocolate chips. I'm glad I went with that plan, because it was right on the money.

My kids had fun squeezing the batter onto the grill and adding the fruit and chocolate chips. There were chocolate chips being eaten right away, but that's part of the fun. Then they got to use the spatula and "try" to flip the pancakes. My son tried to use his fork to flip a pancake, but I wouldn't recommend that. My kids love helping me in the kitchen at home. I let them stir batter when I bake, for example, so this restaurant was a really fun concept for them.

How did the pancakes taste? So good. The chocolate chips were melted inside the peanut butter pancakes and they were so fresh and warm since we cooked them then and there. Plus it was my first time having peanut butter pancakes and hopefully not my last.

They also have a full menu with other breakfast items. If you don't feel like cooking your own pancakes, you can order them already made and there's a wide selection of toppings. To go with our pancakes and get some protein in, my sons and I shared some turkey sausage. My husband also ordered the Vegetarian Biscuits and Gravy.

If you're in Portland and hungry for breakfast food, head over to Slappy Cakes. Just remember that everyone else may have the same idea so expect to wait a while for a table. But don't worry, as soon as you bite into that first bite of warm pancake, it'll be worth it.  
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