A Visit to MOPOP | Checking out Massive: The Power of Pop Culture


This tower of guitars at MOPOP is 35-feet tall and includes twenty guitars from music legends. This is definitely worth a look! 

Since my boys are on Spring Break, our family decided to visit the Museum of Pop Culture at Seattle Center. My husband and I visited once before, back in 2009 when this museum was still called Experience Music Project. How cool to now visit and see it as a pop culture museum! I was blown away by all of the artifacts and displays from famous movies and musicians.  

One of the current exhibitions right now, which is included in the entrance fee, is Massive: The Power of Pop Culture. This exhibition showcases how pop culture shapes our view of the world. Some of my favorite displays was the Judy Garlands dress from The Wizard of Oz, the Barbie dolls, the actual Darth Vadar costume, and the Heisman Trophy from when the Seahawks won the Super Bowl in 2014, and much more! I was impressed by the actors and singer's actual costumes. I probably said 'this is their actual outfit' so many times to my kids. 

There are three floors in the museum and on the bottom floor is The Scared to Death exhibit. This horror section feels kind of immersive because of the scary music which plays when you enter. They had the actual ax from The Shining, which I thought was way cool. There were a ton of other things, like the Friday the 13th outfit, and much more from popular Horror films from over the years. 

On the other side of the Horror section is the Science Fiction part which is also fun! They had a Star Trek display, and you could even pretend to go to space. Don't forget to smile for the camera. After posing you can email the photo to yourself for a fun souvenir. 

If you're a music fan, you'll love this museum! There are two rooms featuring guitars and artifacts from legendary musicians such as Jimi Hendrix. And on the third floor of the museum, you can still play all of the instruments, just like back in the day when it was EMP. I was happy to see this part still stayed! On the main floor, there's even a game room where kids were having fun playing on different computers. Kids can experience games they've never seen. My sons enjoyed it and wanted to check it out twice. 

This Seattle attraction is such a good one for both visitors and locals. There's so much to check out and there's really something for everyone to enjoy! 

We loved this Ender Dragon from Minecraft which hangs right by the entrance to the MOPOP. 

Judy Garland's dress from The Wizard of Oz. 

How neat to see all of these video game consols from over the years. 

The Barbie display! 

Michael Jackson's shirt! 

The trophy from the Seahawks Super Bowl win! 

Darth Vadar! 
Kurt Cobain's famous hat and cardigan he wore in the 90's as he sang grunge music for Nirvana. 

The ax Jack Nicholson swung through a door in the 1980 thriller from Stephen King. 

This was Jimi Hendrix's favorite Stratocaster! 
More things to look at in the Jimi Hendrix room.

From Planet of the Apes.

From The Matrix. 

The Chris Cornell (of the Seattle grunge band Soundgarden) statue in the front of the museum. 

Museum of Pop Culture 

325 5th Ave N

Seattle, WA 

(206) 770-2700


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