Two spots to grab a drink in Leavenworth, WA


A Blood Orange Radler and a B' Jammin cocktail from Rhein Haus in Leavenworth. 

For spring break, my family did an overnight in Leavenworth. This WA town is around two hours east of Seattle. You'll be transported to Bavaria, because the town is German themed! Leavenworth has a European feel and is a tourist destination. It's been named one of the nation's most charming towns over and over. This was my third time to Leavenworth, so I wanted to do new activities and eat at different restaurants than my prior visits. 

The first thing we did when we arrived in Leavenworth was grab a drink and a pretzel at Rhein Haus. Located right in the middle of the action above Front St, they have a large patio for people watching and soaking up the sun while enjoying a German beer. 

We sat on the patio and I ordered a Radler to drink. A Radler is beer mixed with a citrus soda. I chose Blood Orange for my soda. The drink was on the bigger side and tasted a little too sour from the citrus. My husband ordered one of their signature cocktails- a B' Jammin. This drink had bourbon, amaretto, raspberry, lemon, and aquafaba. Aquafaba is an egg substitute, creating a whipped look on top of the cocktail, therefore making it look fancy, I guess? He enjoyed his drink, but wished it were larger, so he helped me finish my Radler! One of our boys enjoyed a coke and we all shared a small house baked pretzel with beer cheese fondue. 

This was a fun snack and drink to hold us over to dinner. We had a reservation at Larch, a local Italian spot, for that evening. Rhein Haus has other locations in the U.S, even in Seattle, which we've been to a couple of times. But their location in Leavenworth was way more fun!  

The next day, we grabbed a cocktail at South before our lunch reservation at Yodelin, a local spot featuring noodle and broth bowls. South features Latin food and drinks, and they had the cutest outdoor tables in front. Since they're located right on Front St, the views of the mountains and the town were delightful. 

My husband and I treated ourselves to a yummy South Paloma, which was a cross between a Pina Colada and Pain Killer drink. The drink was way too good, and before I knew it, it was gone, and it was time for our lunch reservation. They also have a big outdoor dining area in the back of the restaurant. But I wanted to enjoy the view of Front St! 

Rhein Haus 

707 US Hwy 2 Ste F 

Leavenworth, WA 

(509) 642-6615 

South Leavenworth

913 Front St 

Leavenworth, WA 

(509) 888-4328 


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