Making a Blackberry Rum drink from fresh blackberries


A cocktail with blackberries and Spiced Rum. 

It's August! That means here in the Pacific NW it's blackberry season. Every summer we have lots of blackberries in our backyard. Yesterday, I thought I'd see if there were any berries, and sure enough, they were sweet and ready to be picked. 

There isn't very many this year, so I picked only about one cup. There was a tiny green spider that ended up in my container. I left him outside where he belongs. Then when I was washing the blackberries, there was an ugly beetle swimming around. I don't like bugs, so I was hoping picking the berries was worth it. Every year I like to make something with the blackberries. This time, I decided to make a Rum drink. I found a simple recipe online using the berries, honey, ice, and Spiced Rum. 

First, I muddled about seven blackberries with 1.5 teaspoons of honey in a shaker. Then I added a shot of Spiced Rum. Next, I added about one cup of ice. Then I shook my shaker and mixed everything. Then I poured it into a cocktail glass. Finally, I garnished my cocktail with some blackberries. 

The drink wasn't very sweet. I could have added more honey. But I could taste the blackberries well. The drink looked like grape soda with ice, but this is a classy berry drink, perfect for sipping on! 


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