A Visit to the Milk Bar store in Bellevue


The new Birthday Cake Latte soft serve from Milk Bar. 

Milk Bar store recently opened in the Seattle area! The store is located inside Bellevue Square, on the second floor by Nordstom. This was my first visit to a Milk Bar location. We went to their pop-up in Edmonds a couple of years ago and I've ordered one of their delicious cakes and had it shipped to my door. Milk Bar also has ice cream, cookies, and cake truffles they sell at some grocery stores. I've found their ice cream pints at Target and Whole Foods. But nothing is as fun as walking into one of their stores and getting soft serve and other treats. They have five other locations in the U.S, so we're lucky in Seattle to have one now. 

Milk Bar was started in 2008 by Christina Tosi. Her Cereal Milk Soft Serve started it all. She created a unique product that quickly became popular. The Cereal Milk flavor is both sweet and salty, and it's definitely yummy! 

They have three kinds of soft serve. Their famous Cereal Milk, and the new Birthday Cake Latte and Birthday Cake Latte Sundae. I got the BD Cake Latte flavor. It tasted like a really good cup of coffee, but sweetened with a cake flavor. It was also a little salty, which I enjoyed. The servings are pretty big, and perfect for two people. 

We also purchased three cookies. Two Confetti cookies and one Double Chocolate one. We bought the Birthday Cake truffles, too. These were really rich and packed a punch of sweetness. They don't look like they'd be rich, but bite into one and you'll see. I could only have about one bite, before I felt a sugar overload. And lastly, we got to try the Milk Bar Pie. These are sold by the slice. They have a brown sugar oat cookie crust and the filling is basically butter. This pie is incredible. They also sell their cakes by the whole cake and by the slice. I love their Birthday Cake. The frosting tastes so good and the cake itself is soft and sweet. 

I'm a big fan of Milk Bar because I have a sweet tooth. I like my desserts on the rich side. A lot of people don't like things too sweet, so they don't usually enjoy Milk Bar's treats. But if you're a soft serve fan and you like cake with lots of frosting, you'd enjoy Milk Bar! 

Whole cakes, cake slices, pie slices, and Birthday Truffles! 

The really tasty pie and cute packaging. 

So many different kinds of cookies! 

My Birthday Cake Latte soft serve. I loved the coffee flavor! 

Back at home with the goods. 

A slice of the Milk Bar Pie. It was so buttery and delicious. 

The Birthday Cake Truffles. So rich and satisfying. 

Milk Bar 

100 Bellevue Square, 2nd floor by Nordstom 

Bellevue, WA 

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