The Milk Bar Birthday Do-Over Tour in Edmonds


The iconic and super popular Cereal Milk soft serve topped with cornflakes from Milk Bar! 

I finally got to try the soft serve from Milk Bar! I've tried the famous Birthday Cake and a few of their supermarket items like the cookies and ice cream in pints. But I couldn't wait to try the soft serve. My chance finally arrived when Milk Bar announced they'd be doing a three city tour. Along with Chicago and San Fran, Seattle was one of them. They did a Birthday Do-Over tour selling their soft serve, cookies, and pie. They felt like 2020 was such a bummer for a lot of reasons. And since people didn't get to celebrate their birthday like usual, they decided to go all out this year, offering special deals and doing this three city Birthday tour. 

They held the pop-up event in Edmonds and my family and I were able to go. The line wasn't long at all and we only had to wait about ten minutes for our ice cream. They had a really cool bright pink limo with the Milk Bar logo. There were balloons and a huge pretend cake to pose inside of. I bought several stickers since I'm super into their brand and logo. The soft serve they were selling was their Cereal Milk topped with cornflakes. The ice cream wasn't too sweet and actually tasted like sea salt ice cream. It paired really well with the crunchy cereal. It was really satisfying and so fun to eat! 

Thanks, Milk Bar for coming out to Seattle. It was such a fun and tasty experience!  

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