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A Mango Margarita Slushie from Fire Tacos on Alki Beach. 

If you're hanging out on Alki Beach and get a craving for Birria Tacos and oversized Margaritas, then head to Fire Tacos. This is their new location and they've been busy every day since they've opened. We went early on a Friday, right at 4:30. I didn't think there'd be any other diners, but in fact the place was packed. We were told they'd be a 20–30-minute wait, but we were seated in about five minutes. 

Their big Slushie Margaritas served in Don Julio tequila bottles caught my eye on social media, and I really wanted to try one. Luckily my husband was down for sharing one with me, since one is $30. One of these is just right for two people. You can choose either Mango or Drangonfruit. We chose Mango. There's also a Peachy-O and a Mexican Flag on top of an orange slice covered in Tajin. Tajin is a Mexican seasoning that's spicy and tart. Our margarita tasted delicious and had a tasty and sweet Mango flavor. Highly recommend this fun and unique cocktail! Just make sure you share with a friend! 

Fire Tacos serves Birria Tacos and they have several types to choose from. I had two of the Queso Birria Tacos, the same as the Birria Tacos, but with melted cheese. I also ordered a side of Consomm√©, the beef broth you dip your tacos in. Their tacos were full of onions and cilantro and packed with shredded beef. They also have red corn tortillas for their tacos. 

The tacos arrived open-faced and were really messy since they were overfilled with the onions and cilantro. My husband and my son ordered the Birria Ramen. This ramen is everything you didn't know you needed. Lots of savory broth, filled with the shredded beef, and plenty of onions and cilantro. My son ordered a Cheese Quesadilla. 

The restaurant is really cute and perfect for Instagram. They have signs and props for posing, which is so relevant and fun in this digital age where everyone is posting on social media. If you want to hit up Fire Tacos, try to go early on a weekday before the dinner rush, or try going at lunchtime. 

Fire Tacos 

2738 Alki Ave SW 

Seattle, WA 

(206) 269-0797


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