Lunch at Spice Waala for Indian Street Food and Soft Serve


The Coconut Cardamom soft serve from Spice Waala. They have a different signature flavor each month! 

What could be better than Indian street food and soft serve? We couldn't pass up Spice Waala. The menu looked mouthwatering, and they even have a soft serve flavor they change each month. They serve authentic Indian Street food from New Delhi and Calcutta. 

They started in 2018 in South Lake Union Saturday Market and they now have a location in Capital Hill and Ballard. We visited their spot in Cap Hill. 

My husband and I each chose one of their Kathi Rolls. I ordered the Kathi Roll Chicken Tikka and he had the Kathi Roll Lamb Kabab. The rolls were on the smaller side but packed with meat and flavor.  The meat is marinated for 36 hours and then they add a signature green chutney and onions. That goodness is then wrapped in a grilled Roti bread. 

They were spicy, which went so good with our Coconut Cardamom soft serve. The prices weren't bad, the Kathi Rolls are around $7.50 and they're pretty filling. The soft serve was so creamy and the coconut really hit. The cardamom flavor was also delicious and unique. 

This is a spot I'd return to again and again. Not only for the Indian food, but to come back and try more serve flavors another month! They also have Mango Lassi, a really refreshing mango drink I love, plus they have some tasty looking snacks. 

The Kathi Roll with Lamb Kabab.

The Kathi Roll with Chicken Tikka. 

Spice Waala

340 15th Ave E Ste 202

Seattle, WA 


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