Two Spots for Dessert in Portland, OR


Salty Pistachio Frozen Yogurt with Espresso Brownie Pieces and Gummy Bears from Eb and Bean. 

Our family recently spent some time on the Oregon Coast, staying in Florence. We stopped in Portland on the way there and the way back. Portland, OR is one of the best food cities in the country. I have a list of places where I want to eat and its always evolving. We've gone to Portland lots of times in the last ten years and been fortunate to have checked out a lot of places. For this trip, I chose two spots to visit. On the way to Florence, we stopped at Eb and Bean

Eb and Bean 

1425 NE Broadway 

Portland, OR 

(503) 281-6081

At Eb and Bean, they make organic dairy and plant-based frozen yogurt. They offer seasonal flavors as well as the classic ones. They have a wide variety of toppings and sauces. Unlike the traditional frozen yogurt shops where you get a cup and serve yourself, you order at the counter, and they do it for you. They have a kid's size and a regular size, along with waffles cones. 

My sons each got a kid's size chocolate frozen yogurt with sprinkles, served in waffle cones. I selected the Salty Pistachio which is non-dairy and made with Almond Milk. I had mine topped with gummy bears and Espresso Chocolate pieces. I shared with my husband since he doesn't like too many sweets, and almost never orders his own when we go out. The toppings were on the hard side however, especially the gummy bears. The frozen yogurt had a nice and subtle pistachio flavor. I could have used more flavor though. However, it was creamy and satisfying.  

I thought Eb and Bean was a fun spot to stop. Their concept is unique, since they serve both dairy and no-dairy fro-yo and offer delicious sounding, seasonal flavors.  

Soro Soro 

2250 E Burnside St.

Portland, OR 

(503) 265-8236

On the way home from Florence, we stopped again in Portland at Soro Soro Coffee and Dessert. They serve really cute and Instagram-worthy desserts. They're a Korean dessert spot that's really popular. They opened a couple of years ago and used to draw long lines down the block. I've seen a lot of their cake slices on IG and I couldn't wait to try it, too. It wasn't busy when we visited. They had a pretty big case of sweet looking treats. We ordered two of them. The Earl Grey Tiramisu and the cute bear Chocolate Cheesecake. 

Both desserts were delicious. I loved the presentation of both. The bear was adorable and the cheesecake itself was rich and full of chocolate flavor. The Tiramisu was so pretty. It was overly moist, but the flavor was great. They also had Matcha and original Tiramisu. For the cheesecake, there was super cute kitty ones to choose from. They sell a nice variety of coffee drinks. And if you're in the shopping mood, they sell a ton of cute figurines, candles, mugs, and other items. 

Soro Soro was such a fun stop on our way back to Seattle. It was worth the stop and if you love adorable desserts, this is the place for you!  

If you're looking for more dessert spots in Portland, OR, here are some more places we've visited that I'd recommend! 

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Thanks for checking out my Portland dessert post! Here's to yummy desserts and making sweet memories with friends and family! 


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