A Visit to Cheese and Crack in Portland

A Cheese and Crack Plate with Beecher's Flagship Cheddar and Brie Brulee. 

After tasting some s'mores at 1927 S'mores Company in Portland, we headed to Cheese and Crack for a little substance. Cheese and Crack is another unique spot in town to try. When I saw they had Froze, cheese plates, and soft serve, I knew I had to go there. The shop is small and holds twenty people and you order at the counter. They have a lot of options for the cheese plates and they also serve beer and wine. For only $5 I got a Froze. The drink was small, but it was just the right size for me. My husband got a Dirty Blonde Ale.

We all shared the cheese plate with Beecher's Flagship Cheddar and Brie Brulee. It also came with some baguette, homemade rustic butter crackers, housemade savory oatmeal cookies, olives, cornichons, Dijon, honey, chocolate ganache, and apple butter. The plate was Instagram worthy and I snapped a ton of photos before we dug in. The highlights for me were the Brie Brulee and the apple butter. The apple butter tasted just like my Grandma used to make and was really good with the baguette. The Brie was unbelievably tasty and the brulee finish on the cheese gave it a yummy twist and upped the ante. For all of the goodies on the plate, I thought $12 was a reasonable price.

For dessert, we shared one of their fun soft serve cones. We chose strawberry dust on ours with a chocolate ganache filling in the bottom of the cone. This was one high and mighty ice cream cone. We had trouble finishing it and didn't make it to the chocolate ganache, but I bet it was awesome.

I wish Seattle had a fancy snack shop like Cheese and Crack. Portland is full of these kind of unique places. There's nothing like traveling and trying new spots like this one.

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