More highlights from Florence, OR

For my last blog post from our trip, I wanted to do a Florence post with photos from around town and at the beach that didn't make it in the previous posts. Florence, OR is a beautiful town and definitely worth checking out. This was our third time there, and fortunately we were still able to find new things to do and see. And some things are so great, they're worth a revisit. Such as South Jetty Beach where the sand dunes are. The shopping along Old Town is always fun, and we enjoyed the views of the boats along the Siuslaw River, along with the bridge views. 

A shot of the boats docked along the Siuslaw River. I love the reflections in this one. We had beautiful weather the whole time we were in Florence. It rained for just one day. The weather was around 65-70 degrees which is warmer than average for mid-October. Fall is a wonderful time to visit the OR Coast. 

Some more views of the Siuslaw River. This was towards the end of our trip.

The Suislaw Bridge in Florence. 

A cute gazebo in Old Town with views of the river.

Like last year, we shopped at The Jolly Egret in Old Town, and we couldn't resist popping in again this year. I bought a Hammond's chocolate bar and it was so good. The cookie dough inside was delicious. 

I love this cute panda pen I found at The Jolly Egret. 

This year we got Strawberry Milk Tea with Strawberry Popping Tapioca Balls at Boba Flo. The large was huge and it tasted so refreshing! It was nice and sweet and tasted like cereal milk! Their shop was super cute and they even sold merch. 

These artsy seals are all around town. 

At Waterlily Studio in Old Town Florence, we found some neat rock souvenirs and gifts.  

This pretty and vibrant mural by Old Town Florence caught our eye. They had just finished painting it the day before.  

I took a lot of photos at South Jetty Beach on my phone. We love the tall sand dunes and beach and ocean views. 

Once you climb this tall dune, you'll be rewarded with awesome views.

Just like these!  

I couldn't resist looking for seashells on the beach.  Although broken, they're still beautiful. Just like all of us. 

Thanks for checking out my Oregon Coast posts. I hope they've inspired you to get out there and explore, too. There's so much beauty in our world. 


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