Lunch at Sugo Hand Roll Bar to celebrate my birthday


A Lychee Martini from Sugo Hand Roll Bar in downtown Seattle. 

I had an incredible and amazing tasting birthday lunch! 

To celebrate my birthday, my husband took me out to lunch at Sugo Hand Roll Bar. Our boys were in school, so we got to go out alone, somewhere a little more upscale. Sugo Hand Roll Bar gets really busy on the weekends, but we went on a weekday lunch, about thirty minutes after opening. It's a small restaurant and when you walk in, it's one room with a square shaped bar. In the center, they're making your fresh handrolls. The stools were about 25% filled when we arrived, so we were seated right away. 

They have really fun and special cocktails. We started with a Lychee Martini. This unique cocktail has lychee juice, sake, and smoke. After they deliver your drink, the server uses a tool to create a beautiful, pop-able bubble on the drink. My husband took a video of it while I took some shots on my camera. Not only is the drink so pretty to look at, before it pops, but it's also really flavorful and strong. So fun! 

I love how they make the food in front of you. We each chose three handrolls and then we shared the Norichos. This appetizer has Tempera-fried Nori Chips with Beecher's Cheese, and garnished with masago, tomato, and scallion. This app was so spicy and crunchy! A flavor bomb in your mouth. Everything tasted so fresh and delicious. 

I had the King Salmon hand roll, the Avacado and Truffle hand roll, and the Wagyu Beef, Caviar, and Ikura hand roll. All three were amazing. Since it was my birthday, they also made me a Blue Fin Tuna hand roll for free. That one was presented with a candle! 

Our meal at Sugo Hand Roll Bar was delicious, memorable and such a fun experience! 

The King Salmon hand roll. 

The Norichos. 

The Avocado and Truffle hand roll.  

Making my Wagyu Beef hand roll on a bed of Pink Himalayan Sea Salt.  

The beautiful and so full of flavor Wagyu Beef hand roll. 

My husbands' Salmon Poke hand roll. 

Sugo Hand Roll Bar 

2001 Western Ave 

Seattle, WA 

(206) 268-0172


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