Trying Tex Mex at Jackalope


The Texas Brisket Tacos from Jackalope Tex Mex and Cantina in Columbia City. 

A few months ago, a hot and new restaurant opened in Columbia City. Jackalope serves Tex Mex style cuisine, just like you'd find in Texas. It's owned by the same people as Jack's BBQ, so I knew the meats would be good and tender. They get super busy and people don't mind waiting for hours for a table. So we went early on a Friday, right before 5 pm, and we sat right away. 

The space used to belong to the Mexican spot, El Sombrero. Most traces of the prior business was gone and Jackalope's interior was beautifully updated. The bar, located to the right when you enter, is a jewel of a bar. If my kids weren't with us, I'd have pulled up a chair and got comfy. The walls are brick with large mirrors, so you can watch yourself eat, or watch the action in the bar behind you, whatever floats your boat. 

The first round of chips and salsa are on the house, and the server brought them right away. We chose some cocktails, and I chose the La Pina, which turned out to be so spicy that my husband took one for the team and drank. I had his drink, the Bruised Cherry Manhattan. Not my favorite type of cocktail, but it went down smooth anyway. He also had an Old Fashioned, which we both enjoyed and liked the quality. It had tequila, agave, mole bitters, and orange peel. 

I'd heard their braised brisket they use in the entrees were top notch, so my husband ordered the Brisket Enchiladas and I chose the Texas Brisket Tacos. Our sons shared a Cheese Quesadilla. I was impressed with my tacos and they looked unique. It came with two tacos, and rice and beans. On each taco was a huge piece of brisket. I dug right in, and right away I could taste how smokey and tender the brisket was. These aren't my usual type of tacos to eat, but it was fun to try anyway. 

Tex Mex style food started in the 1860's and is a type of cuisine we don't have much in Seattle. It seems to me like a combination of Texas flavors and Mexican cuisine. Jackalope gets busy because diners in Seattle love high quality eats that you can't find all over the city. And the tacos I ate are a dish that's not common here.  

Go check it out for some tasty Tex Mex in Columbia City. Just go early, since they fill up fast! 

Jackalope Tex Mex and Cantina 

4868 Rainier Ave S 

Seattle, WA 

(206) 420-4796


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