Exploring Eataly at Park MGM

 One of the reasons I wanted to visit Vegas was to check out Eataly. Eataly opened in 2017 inside Park MGM. Park MGM used to be the Monte Carlo. This hotel is bright and clean, and best of all, its smoke- free. Eataly is a huge Italian food hall and they have other locations around the world. I thought it was such a neat concept to have all these glorious Italian goodies in one spot. Just walk around and get whatever looks good, then grab a table and enjoy. From pizza, to Italian wine and cocktails, espresso, and pastries, you can find it all. 

We grabbed a table right away and plopped down. My family was tired of walking, so I took a stroll around Eataly to find us some food and drinks. My husband wanted a cocktail, so right away I discovered the bar, Enoteca, towards the back of Eataly and bought an Old Fashioned. Then I found La Pizzeria alla Romana. They sell Focaccia style pizza by the slices. Each slice was giant, and pretty pricey at $10 for the least expensive one. I bought a slice for all four of us, and I should have just bought two. The Roman style pizza was really good and you could taste the quality. My husband tried the Margherita one, our sons ate the four cheese, and I had one with salami and hot honey. 

For dessert, and there were a ton of dessert choices, I walked near the front and found La Pasticceria. They had a very big and sprawling amount of Italian desserts. We were full, so I just chose two mini desserts. A lemon tart and a chocolate bite topped with a hazelnut. Both desserts were delicious and the perfect bite. Just the right way to end our time at Eataly! They also had a Nutella cafe, selling Gelato and pastries. Our sons though it was fun seeing the giant tubs of Nutella. If you love Italian cuisine, go check out an Eataly if you're near one! 


3770 S Las Vegas Blvd

Las Vegas, NV

(702) 730-7617


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