Seeing the annual Cherry Blossoms at the University of WA

 The University of Washington has once again invited the community to view the Cherry Blossoms. In the Quad, there's 29 Cherry Blossom trees that bloom the third week of March. The last two years, the public couldn't view the trees because of the pandemic. I did a photo shoot there years ago, so this was only the second time I checked out the blossoms. They are quite spectacular and definitely worth a visit. 

It was pretty busy, but we were able to space out and get some nice photos. Parking can be tricky, and you do have to pay. We parked in the nearby Burke Museum. They have a big parking lot with a machine to purchase your parking. If you're interested in seeing the Cherry Blossoms, hurry and go soon before the season is over. 

Go to the University of Washington's website here for more info on the Cherry Blossoms and the campus! 


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