Trying Soft Serve with Mango and Sticky Rice at Kakigori


Delicious and unique soft serve from Kakigori in Tukwila! 

I'm always on the lookout for unique eats. When I saw the desserts at Kakigori, they caught my eye. They have a store in Seattle's Central District, and they recently opened in Tukwila, on Southcenter Pkwy. They have Asian desserts such as drinks, soft serve, and shaved ice. The soft serve flavors are unique and they have Sticky Rice with Mango, Ube, and even a Corn flavor. 

I went with the Sticky Rice with Mango and Vanilla Soft Serve. The price was steep, but isn't everything these days? After tipping a dollar, my dessert was over nine bucks. My husband and I shared and we really liked the flavors of the fresh mango, the creamy ice cream, and the sticky rice. It came with a cute little shovel for a spoon. I really like their new location since it's right by the mall and all of the dining. 


16864 Southcenter Pkwy

Tukwila, WA 

(206) 246-7047


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