Soft serve and cupcakes at Trophy's U-Village spot

Ice Cream time! How fun is this Trophy Cone with a Cotton Candy Halo? 

I've been to Trophy Cupcakes lots of times over the years. But I hadn't tried their Soft Serve and it was time. Their cones looked too good to pass up and they have a nice variety of toppings. And anytime cotton candy's involved, you know its going to be delicious and nostalgic.

I chose a Breakfast Cone, a soft serve cone with Fruity Pebbles and I chose a blue candy candy halo. The blue cotton candy is their Birthday Cake flavor and the most popular. For their ice cream they use a high quality Madagascar Vanilla Bean. It was neat to watch my cone being made, especially the cotton candy part. My son chose a cupcake, a Vegan Chocolate.

When we had our treats in hand, we headed outside to one of the many tables and dove in. While my son enjoyed his cupcake, my other son and I shared the cone. My son was really excited about the cotton candy. The ice cream was creamy and smooth and we loved the flavor of the Fruity Pebbles. When it comes to ice cream, it doesn't get any tastier and fun than this.

The soft serve is only available at their U-Village location. One of their cones is the perfect way to treat yourself this summer!


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