Dinner at Mr. West

A Lamb Meatball wrap with pickled onions from Mr. West. 

We checked out Mr. West at U-Village and dined outside on their patio. It was also happy hour, so I was able to shave off a few bucks on some food and drinks. When you walk inside Mr. West, you're surrounded by green plants and a lively lit space. Order at the counter, then grab a table either inside or out. They have a full bar, lots of salads, avocado toast, wraps, and more. They have Frose, frozen Rose, so I ordered a glass of that. They also have fun Frose Pops, so I had one of those for my second round. My husband had an Old Fashioned.

They brought all of our food to our table in boxes. Because of Covid, they aren't doing plates right now. So I had to improvise and get a little more creative for my food photos. I had the Burrata Salad and my husband had the Lamb Meatballs. Everything came deconstructed, so once we figured out what was what, we were able to get our grub on. And once we ate, everything tasted amazing. The meatballs were the hit. We should have gotten two orders. They were basically gyros but with pickled onions. The flavors were spot on and I'm so lucky he shared with me. My Burrata Salad was super fresh and came with a big serving of the Burrata. There was also crostini so I could assemble the cheese, tomatoes, and basil on each piece.

Everyone was socially distanced on the patio and the space was really relaxing. If you feel safe going out to eat, take advantage of the patios right now. Not only is the weather good but it's always fun to dine outside.


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