A Visit to Kalispell Kreamery

The delicious chocolate and vanilla ice cream, made locally at Kalispell Kreamery. 

During out trip to MT, my mom took us to Kalispell Kreamery. This local dairy creamery is located near Kalispell and is surrounded by farm land. The drive to get there from Columbia Falls was really scenic for us Seattle folks. My mom thought a field trip for my boys to watch the milk get bottled would be interesting for them. We just happened to arrive right when they started the bottling process. It was neat to watch and something new for the boys to see. The way they make chocolate milk was also fun to watch. They had a huge vat of it, over 365 gallons. My dad bought a small bottle and couldn't believe how creamy it tasted.

When we were done watching them bottle the milk, we purchased some ice cream and cold brew coffee. My boys couldn't wait to dig into their ice cream. It was super creamy and fresh. The coffee was high quality and also tasted great. This was a fun stop and really interesting to see how some of our favorite dairy items are made.


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