Oregon Scenes | 2019 Edition

Northern Oregon continues to dazzle us every time we visit. This year's scenic highlight was spotting a gorgeous double rainbow from our hotel balcony. We didn't know it was a double rainbow until we ran downstairs to the beach. The wind on the Seaside beach was something else. There was blue sky and a rainbow to the right and dark grey to the left towards Tillamook Rock. The scene was unexpected and I was able to get quite a few memorable landscape shots. 

Almost every time we visit Astoria, we climb the Astoria Column. Not only is it good exercise, but the views are always worth the climb. This year, it was super windy at the top so I had to be careful with my camera. The fall colors were starting to get vibrant and I was able to capture some nice photos of the area from above. 

One afternoon, we drove to Portland. The day was rainy and it seemed to get dark quickly. However, we happened to park across the street from the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall. Built in 1928, the theater is also called the Paramount Theater. The sign is famous around town, and I was finally able to get a photograph of it. 

On our drive home to Seattle, the sky was grey and there was lowland fog. This just made those green Oregon trees pop even more. We pulled up to a convenience store about an hour south of Astoria, and I jumped out of the car to get a shot. 

There's not many places as rustic and full of natural beauty like Oregon. I look forward to returning someday and capturing more of its beauty. 


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