1927 S'mores Company

An artisanal fire-torched s'more from 1927 S'mores Company in downtown Portland. 

One of the reasons I enjoy visiting Portland is the unique eats. On our latest trip, we visited 1927 S'mores Company. I love me a good s'more. Growing up in Montana, making these gooey and sticky treats over the campfire are some of my fondest memories. So checking out an artisanal s'more shop, or S'morefront as they call it, was at the top of my list to do in Portland.

1927 S'mores Co. opened in late summer of this year. The name 1927 referrers to the year of the first s'more recipe, from a Girl Scouts newsletter. The owners of the store are a married couple who have a love for s'mores. They started their business by doing catering and s'mores kits. And now you can stroll into the s'morefront, pick a flavor, and watch your fire-torched dessert being made in front of you.

We chose three s'mores treats. My son wanted a Ice Cream Grahamwich with Mudslide ice cream on a chocolate graham cracker. It also had as fluffy marshmallow that was fire-torched in front of us. Then this gourmet campfire dessert was topped off with some Chocolate Ganache. I chose a s'more with homemade graham crackers, a Bourbon Salted Caramel marshmallow, and Chocolate Ganache. My other son picked a traditional s'more with graham crackers, a fluffy marshmallow, and some Chocolate Ganache.

It was really neat to watch the worker make the s'mores and was a cool photo opp for me. Then the treats were presented to us and we dug in. They were a challenge to eat and super messy. They were no doubt delicious though. Unfortunately, they don't have a restroom, but they give you a key to use at a business around the corner. So we were stumbling around with sticky hands, marshmallow on our jackets, trying to find a sink to clean up from our s'more fest. I think I enjoy s'mores outside a little more, but this experience was fun and tasty, nonetheless.


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