Hi Tea Cafe

An awesome Bubble Waffle dessert with chocolate ice cream, whipped cream, Oreos, and a wafer from Hi Tea Cafe. 

When you think about Broadway on Seattle's Capital Hill, you don't usually picture quiet cafes. This area is bustling with students from the community college, street performers, and people watching for days. So I didn't expect Hi Tea Cafe to be such a nice oasis with calming music, a huge menu of bubble teas along with snacks and desserts. The inspiration quotes on the walls and the high key lighting makes this spot a good place to chill out and snap some IG worthy shots.

To drink, my husband and I shared the Cream Foam White Peach Oolong Tea with boba. I can't get enough boba drinks. If they were free and had no calories, they'd be a daily thing for me. The cream foam is always decedent. I love the flavor and how well it blends with the tea. I also really enjoy peach and cream foam together.

To snack on, we shared a Tornado Potato. Unfortunately it wasn't salty enough. This spirally potato on a stick is fun to eat and perfect for sharing. We also shared one of their Bubble Waffle desserts. These are always huge and just right for several people. This one was filled with chocolate ice cream and topped lots of whipped cream. Oreo cookies and a chocolate wafer topped it off.


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