Coffee Girl in Astoria, OR

A piece of the memorable and awesome tasting Chocolate Chip Banana Bread with Peanut Butter Frosting from Coffee Girl.

When we visit a coffee shop/bakery twice on a trip, you know it's got to be a good place. Coffee Girl in Astoria had such delicious pastries, that we dropped in a second time to do a little more tasting. They are located at the end of a pier on the Columbia River in the West's oldest Cannery building. If this coffee shop doesn't have character, I don't know what does. I expected Coffee Girl to be a unique spot after checking out their website, but I didn't expect the desserts they were slinging to be so yummy.

They seemed to have different treats every day. On our visit time in, I selected a piece of Chocolate chip banana bread. It was topped with a thick layer of peanut butter frosting which was then drizzled in chocolate. The frosting reminded me of fudge and was so very tasty. The banana bread was really soft and sweet and the chocolate chips made it even better. One of my sons doesn't like peanut butter, so he helped me eat the cake part of the piece. The slice was huge, so I boxed it up and we finished it the next day. It tasted even better then because the frosting had really set up and tasted even more like fudge.

One of my sons chose a maple baked doughnut while my other son selected a rice crispy treat. The doughnut got two thumbs up and so did the rice crispy treat. My husband isn't a sweets person like we are, so he chose a turkey sandwich with potato chips. We shared a Cold Brew coffee that we both really liked. My son and I enjoyed out desserts so much, that we planned another visit back. My husband was surprised when we wanted to visit a few days later. He just doesn't understand our love for sugar.

On our second visit, a whole new array of sweet things filled the cases. My son chose an apple doughnut and I couldn't resist a piece of the carrot cake. My other son chose another rice crispy treat, this time one with Halloween sprinkles. (Not pictured). We sat down again and dug into our desserts. My carrot cake was nice. Really soft and full of good stuff like carrots and raisins. The cream cheese frosting was done well and had a nice ratio of cake to frosting.

We walked around the old cannery and took in the views of the water. The dock was really rustic and the views of the boats were also fun to look at. If you find yourself in Astoria, Oregon, do yourself a favor and treat yourself at Coffee Girl.

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