Latte Art and Waffles at Moore Coffee

If some adorable latte art is what you're searching for then look no further than Moore Coffee in Belltown. For some reason they don't do requests so hopefully you'll love your design. They did a cat for me and yes, it was super cute. The coffee was barely warm, which for me was good because my kids were in a hurry and not behaving so I was able to gulp in down. I got a Nutella Mocha which was really subtle and not too sweet or rich tasting. We all ordered waffles which a guy made in a separate area from where we paid. He was not in rush to make them and for some reason forgot the tomatoes on my husband's Caprese Waffle and served him a side of maple syrup. Oops. We enjoyed our Churro flavored waffles, which had a subtle cinnamon flavor and was served with maple syrup and lots of whipped cream. All in all, the space is darling and so is the latte art. They also have a second location on Steward St. a block away. I wasn't aware of that so I wandered in there first and tried to order a waffle. They don't do waffles or sandwiches at that location, but luckily they directed us to this location and I got my cute kitty mocha and delicious waffle!
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