Dinner at Pho Bac Sup Shop

For Vietnamese cuisine that is sure to satisfy, head to Pho Bac Sup Shop. Along with a hot bowl of Pho you can get a cocktail from their full bar to pair with your food. Most of the Pho places, Vietnamese noodle soup for those not in the know, are simple hole in the wall spots that don't serve liquor.

Pho Bac Sup Shop is a little more classed up, too, along with a pretty décor. The service was spotty, but all was forgotten when I bit into my Chicken Wings. They were crispy, juicy, and had wonderful flavor from the cilantro and other Vietnamese flavors. I also tried the Fried Egg Rolls served with fish sauce. I always enjoy a good hot and crispy Vietnamese egg roll. These were on the bigger size, so even better for me.

To pair with my dinner I chose one of the featured cocktails, a strong and fruity drink with pear and vodka. My husband had a bowl of Chicken Pho and we also ordered a side of chicken for our sons, along with an order of the fries. Unfortunately the chicken was a little overcooked for our tastes. My husband likes his chicken a little more tender.  

For dessert, we all shared an order of three Cream Puffs. They were quite small and weren't sweet enough. On the menu, I could have sworn there was something about a chocolate sauce served with these, but there was no chocolate in sight. And that's too bad because it would have pulled the dessert together.  


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