Ice Cream at Waterfront Creamery

If you're hanging out on the Seattle Waterfront, either catching a ferry or just walking around, and you get hungry for ice cream, there are many spots to satisfy and cool you down. One place in particular is Waterfront Creamery, located right by the Ferry Terminal. Theyhave ice cream from Snoqualmie Ice Cream and they also sell macarons from Alexandra's Macarons.

We were in the mood for an ice cream cone so I chose a scoop of Espresso Chip in a sugar cone. My husband had a scoop of Raspberry Cheesecake in a waffle cone. And our sons each had a small scoop in a cup. One had Strawberry and the other had chocolate ice cream. The ice cream wasn't blow it out of the park good, but it was standard ice cream and did its job.

The location is perfect being right by the ferries and close to the Seattle Great Wheel. This place will be hopping in the summer with visitors swarming the waterfront and looking for an ice cream or milkshake. Waterfront Creamery would be perfect for grabbing an ice cream to go and then hopping on a ferry to one of the nearby islands.


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