A Visit to Deep Sea Sugar & Salt for their Grand Opening

As I'm writing this, I want more cake from Deep Sea Sugar and Salt. They're putting out some quality cakes and as I bit until my first bite, I thought, where have you been my whole life? Well, right down the street from my house, apparently. Charlie, the owner, and the Deep Sea team have been selling cakes out of an airstream trailer in Georgetown for a while and the lines for cake are no joke. So yesterday was the big day-they've opened their own brick and mortar, also in Georgetown, and had a grand opening.

Since I live so close and I myself enjoy cake, I checked out the new spot. Besides selling their fabulous cakes, they're also going to sell ice cream by the pint, flowers, and other groceries. The shop wasn't done yet, but that didn't matter because the cakes and cupcakes were the star of the show. They were selling the cakes by the slice and these slices are really something to write home about. Each piece is larger than my hand and around eight layers, by the looks of them. Not only are these layer cakes so pretty to look at but the texture is so soft and perfect, you may cry.

I chose two Salted Caramel Cupcakes and one slice of the Blueberry Lemon Balsamic cake. Then I headed to the park across the street to meet up with my family and share my treasures. My husband and I sat at a picnic table and went to town on the cake. He's not a sweets person by any means and would be fine with never having any. But this cake, he sat and ate bite after bite. We couldn't get over how soft and moist it was and the flavors were totally on point. It was fruity and light and the cream cheese frosting was outa this world good, but wasn't overly rich where you can't eat another bite.

The cupcakes were also unforgettable. The chocolate cake they used for the cupcakes were a deep, rich chocolate that perfectly accompanied the light and sweet caramel frosting and drizzle on top.

If you don't live in South Seattle, that doesn't matter, because this cake is worth the trip.


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