A Visit to Sea Star Gelato in Seaside

We ate ice cream from the local cheese factory, custard from a walk-up window, and then some gelato on our trip to the Oregon Coast. We had so much ice cream on our trip that when we returned home we bought more at the store and just kept on eating because we were so used to having it. Then finally the other day, I said, no more ice cream for a while. Let's take a break. It was a sad day indeed. So for now, I can just relive my photos from the trip, and write about the ice cream we ate, and that's fun, too.

Opened in 2015, Sea Star Gelato offers over 35 different kinds of gelato and sorbet. Gelato originally came from Florence, Italy, and means ice cream in Italian. But the process in making gelato uses less air then ice cream, so is therefore more dense and smooth. It's churned slower so the texture is silkier. It also has less fat and calories, even though you'd never know it. Gelato has always seemed so much richer and tastier to me than regular ice cream.

At Sea Star you can try as many samples as you like. But right away I knew that the Creme Brulee and the Dutch Chocolate would be winners. I followed my instincts and went with a scoop of each in a cup. Then I asked nicely for two extra cups and spoons so our kids could each try some. As incredible as gelato is, I don't need two scoops for myself. Well, I was correct and the gelato was incredible. The Dutch Chocolate was oh so rich and decadent. The dark chocolate flavor was smooth and deep. We all loved the Creme Brulee and found the flavor to match the real thing. The two flavors mixed well together and left us all wanting more. 
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