Ocean Bakery Cafe

During our stay in Seaside, there were many choices for dining. One particular spot we frequented was the Ocean Bakery Café. They had a bit of everything, from espresso and baked goods, a full bar, and a full service restaurant. And since we were staying in the hotel upstairs, the workers recognized us by the end of our visit. You could even order a drink and bring it to your room and I did just that on my birthday. I brought a Mimosa and a Bloody Mary back to my room to have with my husband along with some fresh and huge cinnamon rolls for a small birthday brunch. Another day I took my son for a cookie on the way outside for our walk along the beach. I had a Vanilla Latte and a lemon bar, which was gigantic, and their coffee is from a Portland Roaster. One night for dinner, our family dined in the restaurant near the fireplace. We had Chicken Wings with BBQ sauce and some Pulled Chicken Nachos. I also drank a Margarita which tasted delicious and paired well with my food. Ocean Bakery Café opened just this year and I thought it was a great addition to Seaside.


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