Great State Burger

We discovered some delicious burgers for dinner at Great State Burger. We checked out their newest location in Chinatown on 5th Ave. Great State Burger is a local chain in Seattle with three stores, and another location coming soon to 3rd Ave in downtown. You can also find them at Safeco Field. Their restaurants are quick serve, so when you walk in you order at the counter. This way you can still get quality bites, but for a little less than a sit down place.

Their burgers are made from organic grass-fed beef, and yes, you can taste the difference. The burgers are their take on a classic American cheeseburger. They have their special State Sauce, lettuce, pickles, tomatoes, and cheese. The fries are crinkly fries made from Yukon Gold potatoes. They were hot and crispy, and had the perfect amount of salt.

The burgers were simple and therefore highlighted how good of quality the beef was. Because good food doesn't need to be complicated. We also shared a chocolate shake, which was made with Parfait organic soft serve and really hit the spot. Great State Burger was right on the money.


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