A Visit to the Tillamook Cheese Factory

I'm starting and ending my cheese factory post with ice cream photos, because, why not? About an hour south of Seaside, Oregon is Tillamook, home of the famous cheese we all love to eat. And don't forget about the ice cream.

They are rebuilding the cheese factory to make it updated and shiny, but they have a temporary factory set up, so you can still go check it out. Really though, as long as they have cheese samples and ice cream cones for sale, does it really matter?

First of all, the drive from Seaside to Tillamook was gorgeous because of the views of the ocean along the way. So that alone was worth going. The factory was crowded with visitors so they must have been craving cheese and ice cream, too. None of us were going to be deterred from that.

The space was set up pretty identical to what I remember the old factory looking like. The last time I visited was in the 90's with my parents, so who can really remember? But they had the samples, the exhibits with the cows, the tractor, and that cool orange car that all the kids line up to sit in. And ahem, some refuse to come out of. No, no, not my kids, never.

And beyond the gift shop, like a beacon, was the ice cream. A nice long line of hungry cheese factory goers waited ahead of us. I had no choice but to get in line, almost in a trance, as I waited for that magical moment when my waffle cone would be placed in my hand.

I selected one scoop of Pumpkin Cookie Butter and one scoop of the Monster flavor in a Chocolate Sprinkle waffle cone. The Monster ice cream is a peanut butter base with caramel and chocolate. But don't quote me on that. I consumed a lot of ice cream that week and its all kind of melting together in my memory.

They handed me my cone and yes, everyone looked on enviously, because I chose so awesome. And I didn't even have to try any samples first, so there. I headed outside to do my Instagram before my ice cream melted, because yeah, I'm #eatingfortheinsta. My family caught up with me and I had to share, a sad day for sure. Some bees decided to join our little party and the fun ended there. But man, that ice cream was epic and the flavors were meant to be. Old, new, temporary cheese factory? I got my ice cream cone, so I was a happy camper.

See the Tillamook Cheese Factory's site here for more about the factory and when it will be completed.


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