Happy Hour at 2120

Date night for my husband and I was spent at 2120, the new restaurant on 6th Ave, located next to the Amazon Spheres. We sat inside, in the bar, and tried some appetizers to share from the happy hour menu. I started with a glass of the house punch, for $5, which changes regularly. That evening, the punch was a mango and peach Sangria flavor. It wasn't overly sweet like I envisioned it would be, and was the perfect cocktail to drink before our dishes arrived. The punch was a vibrant orange color and garnished with a pretty flower. My husband sipped a glass of red wine, a D2. It's very smooth and full bodied and is his favorite wine. When we go out and he sees it on the menu, he usually orders it. To eat, we shared the Frites, the Avocado Toast, the Chicken Wings, and the Kale Salad. The Frites were perfectly salty and were served with Aioli and Ketchup. The Kale Salad was very light and cleared our palates well. The wings had a poplano-agave sauce and were topped with pickled heirloom carrots and spring onion. The Avocado Toast was fun to try because of how popular and Instagram friendly it is. 2120's had campagnola, aioli, avocado, and lime. It's always inspiring to try new spots and the location of 2120 was pretty sweet being next to the Spheres and being surrounded by all the new skyscrapers in downtown. That's all I need-amazing food and architecture and I'll be happy.


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