A Ride to the Top of Whitefish Mountain Resort

A favorite spot for me in Montana is Whitefish Mountain Resort. Back when I lived there it was known as Big Mountain and its hard to not call it that today. It is a popular ski resort in the winter and in the summer is known for hiking and biking. Other attractions that have been added since I moved away. I've always loved taking a ride in a chairlift or one of their red and white gondolas, and I thought my boys would love that experience. When I was a kid and even in my 20's when I visited, I would hike up the mountain and ride a chairlift down. This time my family and I took a gondola round trip to take in the experience of riding one. My boys were so excited they could barely contain themselves, as we had been talking about gondolas for months and they were finally going to ride in one. They loved the new experience and us adults enjoyed the mountain views.

When we arrived at the top of the resort, the incredible views from below and across the way of the mountain peaks awaited us. It had been years since I last visited and the views took my breath away. From the top of Whitefish Mountain Resort, you can see the whole Flathead Valley and Glacier National Park. The blue jewels of the lakes gleam below and all of the peaks line up perfectly in the distance. I've always loved that view and I was happy to show if off to my husband and sons.

We even saw a deer right below us, when we were standing on the balcony of the lodge. My kids were stoked to see some wildlife and I was able to get a nice photo of him. The inside of the lodge had been renovated with a new dining area, more restrooms, and a second story area for dining. We grabbed some soda and Gatorade from the bar and sat upstairs. The weather was in the 90's during our week in Montana, so every chance we took, we were drinking fluids.

Then it was time to hop in a gondola for the ride back down. My boys loved the ride and it was fun because my parents rode a chairlift right behind us and waved at us the whole way down. When we reached the bottom, we saw a bride and groom with their wedding party getting on gondolas. What a gorgeous wedding that was going to be. It was so much fun bringing my family there and giving the boys their first gondola experience.


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