4th of July Marshmallow Popcorn Balls

Tomorrow is the Forth of July and as I sit here writing this, fireworks are lighting up the night sky already. People just can't wait until tomorrow. Well, I just couldn't wait until tomorrow to make a little Fourth of July dessert. Think red, white, and blue, and many choices of recipes awaited. 

My son saw me looking at Pinterest and the recipe for Marshmallow Popcorn Balls caught his eye. He'd been wanting popcorn, and so have I, so that was just the thing to make. He couldn't wait to head to the store to buy the ingredients, so he could help me make them.

It turned out may messier than I thought and the M&M's didn't stick well to the balls, so his "helping" turned out to be more helping me eat them than anything. After a while, we just gave up and put the popcorn, mini marshmallows, and candy into some Ziplocs and called it a day. But I did form a few for some photos, because I didn't want to miss a chance to post them on here with the recipe.

As a child myself, I remember eating popcorn balls at various school functions and family potlucks and really liking them. At Christmas, I remember Peanut M&M's in red and green in the popcorn balls. I don't think I've eaten them since so biting into one gave me a nostalgic feeling.

So tomorrow I can feel a little nostalgic and patriotic, and hopefully my sons will start building some memories of their own. Not only eating yummy popcorn balls, but seeing colorful fireworks and celebrating the holiday with their family and good friends.  Whatever you do tomorrow, stay safe out there and enjoy every moment!

I found the recipe here, and made two substitutions. I halved the recipe and I used M&M's instead of Skittles.  


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