Bite of Seattle 2017

There was Fried Mac and Cheese, a liquid nitrogen dessert, and fish-shaped ice cream cones for us to discover this weekend at the Bite of Seattle. The Bite is a food festival that is held ever year at Seattle Center. We've skipped the last few years so I'm so happy we attended this year. The weather was hot and the crowds were really thick, but I was practically shaking with excitement over some of the foods that were there this year.

The one I was looking forward to the most was the fish shaped ice cream. This Japanese dessert called Taiyaki, is super popular and hard to find in Seattle. But Sweet Fish was there selling the coveted dessert. It was worth the hype because the fish-shaped waffle was soft and tasty and the soft served ice cream served on top was just right. We got ours with sprinkles and cookies and I was so excited to finally try it!

One of the best food memories ever was when we tried the liquid nitrogen cereal from Three Twenty Below. There was a list of rules to follow when eating it, and it you didn't pay attention, you could hurt yourself. The liquid nitrogen made the cereal puffs super cold, so if you didn't blow on it, the cold would burn your mouth and tongue. But what a delight it was when I took my first bite and the liquid nitrogen came out my mouth and nose! Every bite we took this happened and made for a very fun time! The banana puff cereal was tasty, too, and was so good with the extra chill, especially considering how hot it was outside. 

When we first got to the Bite of Seattle, we listened to a cover band singing rock music and then we got some Mac and Cheese to share from Mac and Cheese Whaaaaaaaat. We got a small plate of Mac and Cheese for three bucks and then for seven bucks, the Fried Mac and Cheese. It was hot and crispy and when we bit into it, the insides were cheesy and gooey.

We loved our time at The Bite of Seattle and shared some cool, tasty, and fun memories with our family!


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