Oh, the places I've been

A lot of us have a desire to see the world.  Many people have wanderlust and love to explore.  It seems like endless destinations await and I know my list of places to go is a long one.  Asia calls to me and I hope one day I'll get the opportunity to visit.  But until then, it's fun to look at photos I've shot of the places I've been. So here are some of my favorites. 

A note- I first published this post in 2017. As I travel to more destinations, I add my top image from each new place. So I'm essentially going back in time to an old post and adding more! Enjoy. 

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Cancun, Mexico

Seattle, Washington

Las Vegas, Nevada

Victoria, British Columbia

Vancouver, British Columbia

San Francisco, California

Paris, France

New York City, New York

Glacier National Park, Montana

Oahu, Hawaii

San Diego, California.

Chicago, Illinois 
                                                                   Anaheim, CA                                                                                                                                 

                                                                      Anchorage, AK 

                                                                    Florence, OR 

                                                                   Portland, OR 


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