Dinner at Dim Sum Factory

I've been craving Asian food like crazy lately, so all my recent posts are from Asian restaurants.  I have a nice variety of restaurants though, so here is one more from our dinner last night....

Our family checked out Dim Sum Factory in the Factoria Mall.   I liked the interior and the service, but was a little disappointed by the prices and the serving sizes.  There is a large menu to order off of, instead of the servers wheeling around carts.  I prefer the carts because then I can see what I want to eat and it feels more authentic.  But I have noticed when you order dim sum off the menu, the food seems more fresh and hot. 

We started with a small order of the Chinese Donuts since our son loved them the last time we had them.  Then we ordered a plate of the Sweet and Sour Chicken with a side of rice and my husband had a bowl of Beef Brisket Noodle Soup.  I enjoyed the chicken, the flavors were correct and it was hot.  I stole a piece of his beef brisket and liked how tender it was.

Since I wanted something sweet to end the meal, we ended up ordering two egg tarts and something I've been wanted to try for a while, the shaved ice.  One of our egg tarts got thrown on the floor by one of our little ones, so we each got exactly one bite of that.  But when they presented the shaved ice, my jaw dropped open.  The serving was huge and so pretty.  Who would actually eat the whole plate?  We ended up eating only about twenty percent of it.  It was incredible though.  I got it with mocha, mango and lychee jelly.  If you like ice cream, you'd like shaved ice.  It was very dense, sweet, and cold, and the three toppings were super tasty.  More please!  They have a bakery, too, with slices of cake and breads.  I just couldn't help myself from taking a photo of that, too. 

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