A+ Hong Kong Kitchen

For an authentic food experience head to A+ Hong Kong Kitchen in the International District.  You'll find Cantonese cuisine on the menu with a wide variety of dishes.  The four of us ordered the Chicken Wings, the Chicken Fried Rice, a Beef Curry with white rice, and the Shrimp Dumpling Soup.  I enjoyed the dumplings because the shrimp was tender, meaty, and the soup was hot.  Considering how chilly Seattle is these days, it warmed me up nicely.  The rice was above the standard fried rice we've had before.  The serving was large and the price pretty low, too.  They even have French toast with peanut butter, which we of course had to try because a couple of us have a sweet tooth.  I thought that dish was unique with the addition of the peanut butter and I might try reproducing it at home.  We've yet to go to Hong Kong, but this must be what the food is like there.  I give this place an A+ for sure, just like the name. 
You can find A+ Hong Kong Kitchen at 419 6th Ave. S. in Seattle's I.D neighborhood.  


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