It's My City, And I Love It

Seattle, Washington.  It's my city and I love it.  September 9th, marked my 16th year living in Seattle and it still has my heart.  This town has never been hotter, partly in thanks to the Seahawks, who one their first game of the season today!  Last night's sunset on the waterfront was a good one and I hope that's evident in my photos below.  I was just messing around and letting my kids run around and stare upwards at The Great Wheel, a pretty neat addition to the waterfront.  I didn't expect the sunset to be so pretty and I didn't expect to get so many shots but there you have it.  So go forth and find your own memories, find your city, or that spot that means home to you.  Don't let the world tell you what you should want, what you should be buying or who you should be voting for.  Feel for yourself what's true and let that define you.  Happy Sunday!


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