Italian desserts for a little bit of la dolce vita- part II

It's Friday and I think we all need a little la dolce vita about now.  There's nothing wrong with having a little bit of sweet to start the weekend.  Back in March I wrote about Italian desserts and decided I just had to create another post featuring more Italian desserts I've tried since.  Of course, there are still more I've yet to try so look for a part III in the future!
Zeppoles are an Italian pastry consisting of a deep-fried dough ball.  I think of them as Italian doughnuts and they're usually covered in powdered sugar.  These are from Giada in Las Vegas and were plated with Giada's signature "G" in chocolate sauce for dipping.  They were even delicious several hours later back at our hotel.

Semifredo is a dessert meaning "half cold" or "half frozen" in Italian.  In Italy they use gelato for their filling but a mousse is also common.  This Semifredo, from Mbar in Seattle, had coconut, black cherry, and chocolate .  Every bite was as rich and decadent as the last. 

Italian Cream Horns, called Cornetti de Crema, are pastries made with puff pastry and filled with a cream filling.  This Hazelnut Cream Horn from Borracchini's Bakery in Seattle hit the spot.  Every bite of the pastry was filled with cream and the tasty hazelnut icing.  Borracchini's is the place for anything Italian and has been since 1922.  Seems like they have every kind of Italian pastry and I felt like a child in wonder again as my eyes roamed the long displays of treats.  The rest of the pastries and cookies featured below are from there.

Ahh, who doesn't love a good cream puff?  Cream puffs in Italian are called "Bocconcini con Crema" and this Chocolate Cream Puff from Borracchini's was a good representation of the traditional one.

These fried desserts called Rossettes are made using a rosette iron and are then coated in cinnamon and sugar.  They were a little plain for me and not really sweet, but their pretty to look at with their unique shape.

Angel cookies are really sweet and they melt in your mouth.  They are typically white but you can add food coloring to get your desired look.  They are a cross between a shortbread cookie and a sugar cookie and they'd be the perfect thing to bake at Christmastime.

Another traditional Italian cookie is a Florentine.  They are very thin, nutty, and buttrery.  The one I tried from Borracchini's was addictive and sweet. 

And finally, the last Italian dessert I tried was a Spritz butter cookie.  They're small and buttery and have a hint of almond.  They usually have sprinkles on top to look festive.  I think these Spritz cookies from Borracchini's are done in Seahawk colors!

Looking for more about Italian desserts? You can see my first post, Italian desserts for a little bit of la dolce vita, here.

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