A Fun Filled 3rd Birthday: A Cars Cake and A Visit To The Fair

My twins turned three and I wanted to do something fun for their birthday.  Their favorite movie is Cars so we got them a cake, balloons, plates, and t-shirts with the Cars theme.  They liked the cake the most and may or may not have had two pieces.  I think they may have inherited my sweet tooth...then it was time to hit the fair!  The Washington State Fair is held every September and this year was held from September 2nd until the 25th.  I think they enjoyed themselves!  Turning three was a blast for my boys!
Vroom, vroom-start your engines and get dressed.  Your Cars shirt is ready to wear!

Balloons are so much fun and are always appealing for the little ones.  Kids can be entertained for some time just throwing balloons around the living room.

It's Lightening and his best pal Mater, plus Guido and Luigi!  The Cars gang make everything great!

Speaking of great, we love bakery birthday cake and can't get enough.  Goodie, because my BD's coming up and that means more cake!

Rides, Rides, Rides!  Welcome to the state's biggest fair.  The Washington State Fair is the place to be.

The area near the kiddie rides is where we spent the most time.  Our sons love rides and would probably have kept riding until the sun went down. 

You've gotta love fair food, right?  Well, we may have chosen hastily because we were hungry.  Can you say unhealthy?  I think we have our fill of nacho cheese for a while.  At least this was for all four of us!

The animals at the fair is another fun part, especially these little piglets.  Can you say adorable?

This pretty hen was inside the kid's petting zoo area. 

This little sheep was also wandering around the petting zoo for the kids.  How cool that the little kids get a chance to touch the animals and learn more about them.

We also tried a Fisher scone for the first time.  We really enjoyed the raspberry filling.  Ok, I understand why everyone at the fair always had a bag of these...

Chicken and Waffles, what we should have eaten for dinner.  Live and learn.  There's always next time. 

Goodnight, Washington State Fair.  It's been a good one.  And Happy Birthday to my little ones! 


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