A Wedding Date Night

I love weddings but I'm usually working at them.  I'm taking photographs of the bride and groom, all the beautiful details, the wedding party, the guests, and the list goes on.  So when we received an invitation from a family friend whose son was getting married, we looked forward to attending as guests and sitting back and enjoying ourselves.  So we got a babysitter and called it a date night.  I had to sit on my hands a bit at the reception as photographs weren't allowed but I found plenty of detail shots at the reception to take.   The ceremony was at a church in Renton and I loved the high ceilings and the lights they hung to make it special.  Then the reception was held at the Doubletree Hilton in Tukwila.  My husband and I had a couple of cocktails from the no-host bar and nibbled on some appetizers of eggrolls and meatballs while we waited for the bride and groom to arrive.  Then it was time for a dinner buffet of prime rib, salad, veggies, rice pilaf, salmon and shrimp pasta, and more.  Then we had to cut out early and get home to relieve the sitter and get the little ones to bed.  We had just enough time to take a sip of champagne and congratulate the happy couple!  No wedding cake for us, but sometimes you can't have your cake and eat it too! 

The bride and groom's special transportation to their reception waits outside the church as guest make their way outside.  

A White Russian for me to get the party started.

The centerpieces at the reception.

The appetizer buffet of eggrolls and meatballs.

A Cosmo to pair with my dinner.

Time to eat some dinner!

A glass of Champagne to toast the bride and groom!


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