How to make a Cuban Sidecar

If you feel like drinking something different in the new year and you've never had a Cuban Sidecar, then I recommend making one at home or ordering one the next time you go out.  This cocktail is simple to make and very refreshing.  A Cuban Sidecar is different from a regular Sidecar because it contains rum, triple sec, and either lime or lemon juice.  A Sidecar has cognac, Cointreau, and lemon juice.  The Cuban Sidecar reminds me of a Lemon drop Martini but with lime, which I love.  You can have it with a sugared rim or without, depending on what you're in the mood for.  Some of us are so sweet already, we don't need any more sugar, am I right? If you wish to make a Cuban Sidecar, grab a martini glass and chill it.  Then, fill a shaker with ice cubes.  Next, pour one shot of light rum, one shot of lime juice, and one shot of triple sec into your shaker.  Shake it up and strain into your glass.  Cheers!
My Cuban Sidecar, made at home, for a night in.

We used Bacardi light rum and triple sec.  Silly me, I forgot to put the lime in the background, too!


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