Bellevue Family Fourth

After stuffing ourselves at Cactus we walked back through Bellevue Square and crossed the street to the park where the Bellevue Family Fourth was happening.  We tried to attend several years ago but it was rained out.  This year the weather was pretty much perfect with bright blue skies and not too hot.  The festival is built around families so the bouncy houses were everywhere.  Good thing we had already eaten because there didn't seem like many food vendors there.  I just saw lemonade, caramel corn and corn dogs.  We sat in the sun and listened to the live reggae band which was totally rocking.  We loved their Sublime cover songs.  My hubby wanted to get up and dance but everyone was just sitting there, waiting for the fireworks to start in five hours and looking like they got too much sun already. After sitting for a little while we decided to head back to Seattle and rest up for the party we wanted to go to later. 

                 I loved all the flags everywhere.  Bellevue's skyscrapers loom in the background. 

I hope you had a fun and safe 4th of July, however you chose to celebrate! 


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