Bastille Bash in Madison Valley

Last night I went to Madison Valley for Bastille Bash.  Bastille Day is French National Day so the event was filled with a French culture and vibe.  The first thing we did was buy our food tickets.  You can buy them ahead of time to avoid lines or just find the welcome booths and  purchase them there.  Madison Valley is filled with restaurants lining both sides of the tree-lined street and most of them participated in Bastille Bash.  For ten bucks they give you four tickets and you can purchase however many you want.  The wine tasting is twenty bucks but we just wanted to eat.  Then you're given a map with the restaurant's booths and one or two tickets gives you a delicious bite of what they're offering.  We had quite a bit to eat and left feeling stuffed and satisfied. 

                Our first stop was Harvest Vine where we tried some Gazpacho and Serrano Ham. 

 I loved the flavor of the ham dish and it went beautifully with the Gazpacho.  It was Pa Amo Tomaquet; toasted baquette topped with tomato, garlic and Serrano Ham.  This wet my appetite for more tasty stuff!

 This was my first time trying Gazpacho so I didn't know what to expect.  I ended up loving it though.  It's a chilled soup with tomatoes, cucumber and peppers. 

           I really enjoyed the live music.  It really added to the festival and felt very French to me. 

 The woman was posing for pictures by Ines Patisserie's booth.  "Let them eat cake".  Sounds good to me. 

      An almond croissant from Ines Patisserie.  I wanted macarons but they'd sold out of those fast. 

                     I thought this little dog was adorable and I loved his French inspired outfit!

 There was tons of interesting people to see at Bastille Bash like this woman walking around on stilts.

 I wanted a slice of pizza from Pagliacci but we had to stand in line for a while.  They were out of pizza and had to wait for more to arrive. 

 The wait for a slice was worth it though.  It was so good, I enjoyed every bite.  This was called the AGOG Primo.  It had tomatoes, olives, mushrooms, garlic and goat cheese. 

 We were ready to head home for we had a couple tickets left.  What's one to do?  Get some ice cream!  We tried Chocolate Velvet and Peaches and Cream. 

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