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Things to Know When Booking Senior Pictures
Its almost that time of year to start thinking about Senior Portraits. If you or your son or daughter is a Junior in High School then the time to book your Portraits has arrived. The summer between Junior and Senior year is normally when these kinds of photos are taken. The school needs a photo for the annual around October of Senior year, plus you'll want to be ready to hand out wallets to friends and to also include pictures in Graduation Announcements. Below are some helpful hints to remember when getting Senior Photos done.

1. Bring at least three different outfits to pose in. I advise my Seniors to wear one dressy outfit and one casual. If they play sports, then a soccer or basketball uniform is always fun, too. Sometimes bringing khaki pants and a polo shirt can be a good balance to the dressy and casual. Basically, just mix it up and play around with your wardrobe. Make sure you are presentable and don't forget to wear your favorite shirt or hat to mix things up for some of those relaxed poses.
2. Make sure those outfits you choose are pressed, ironed and spot-free.

3. For the guys-comb your hair but don't do anything too wild to it. Wearing too much gel or combing it differently than you usually wear it might make you look too different than you normally do. Girls- don't go too crazy on the makeup either, these are your Senior Photos, not those old school glamour shots from the eighties.

4. Don't forget to bring props to pose with. Guess what I posed with in some of my shots when I was a Senior? A camera! I already knew I was going to photography school so it was the perfect prop. If you play sports you can hold a ball. If you play music, then your instrument. Get creative and see what you can come up with!

5. Go to a couple different locations. My sitting fee includes two locations.  Do you have a favorite park or beach? I did some portraits for a really sporty Senior and we did some shots on the tennis court.

6. Allow one to two hours for the shoot for wardrobe changes and driving from the two locations.

7. Make sure you get a variety of backdrops. I choose to shoot in natural light along with a light disk. I don't have a studio and do most of my portraits on location. A plain colored wall or backdrop looks great along with some outdoor shots. Some greenery or water is beautiful and makes the Senior really stand out in the photo.

I hope these tips have helped you in planning for your Senior pictures.  I look forward to capturing this memorable time in your life.  Go to my contact page and call me soon to set up your session!


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