In Black and White

When I first started learning about photography I shot only black and white. At the Art Institute we used all film and I depended on my trusty Nikon FM 2 to carry me through. And carry me through it did. I learned about exposures, tones and zones for black and white and would spend hours developing all my film. I loved the feeling of satisfaction as I presented my prints to the class.

Today in 2013, things are pretty easy when it comes to black and white processing. Just shoot your photos on your digital camera and turn them into black and white in photoshop. You still get beautiful photography with even tones and shadows. The art form's still there, we just spend more time on our computers instead of the photo lab. All in all, its still all about the composition of your images. And that part will never change.

Below are ten of my favorite digital black and white photographs. My wish for you is that you're inspired to get out and compose some of your own. Whether you go old school and shoot some film or break that new camera out of the box and experiment. Black and white photography is a classic and will never go out of style.

The Mukilteo Lighthouse in Mukilteo, Washington.

A snow covered bike in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
The famous sculpture, The Thinker, at the Rodin Museum in Paris.

The many bridges and gorgeous buildings make Paris an awesome place to have a camera.  Two years ago today I was there and spent about one week walking around and photographing Paris through my eyes.  


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