Trying a giant croissant from Davie Village Bakery in Vancouver, BC


Run, don't walk, to get a huge chocolate-filled croissant in Vancouver, BC! Was this croissant worth getting a parking ticket for? Read below to find out! 

My family just got back a couple of days ago from a quick overnight trip to Vancouver, Canada. We had a fun-filled twenty-four hours. We explored the city, swam at our hotel, and found some yummy food. 

Our first stop in Vancouver was Davie Village Bakery. They're known for their European desserts and pastries. But most notably, their giant croissants big enough to feed a whole family. If you want to get your hands on one of these pastries as long as your arm, you need to pre-order them in advance. I ordered ours a few days before our trip. There are four flavors- Nutella, Pistachio, Vanilla, and Mango filled. 

Davie Village Bakery also sells the popular Cube and Supreme Croissants which you can also pre-order. I ordered a Giant Nutella Croissant for 2 pm on the date I selected. We ended up cutting it close and I arrived at 2:15. Luckily my croissant was waiting for me and it was no problem at all. 

But since we had just arrived in Vancouver and we were kind of rushing to get our trip started, and to pick up my croissant, my husband and I weren't super diligent on making sure we paid for our parking right. We did pay, but the machine wasn't working right, and we didn't get a receipt. I kind of shrugged and started walking toward the bakery, figuring I'd be back soon anyway. But when we came back to our car, there was a parking ticket. The ticket was for $46 Canadian dollars, which is $34 US, so not too bad, really. It was also super easy to pay it online, so it could have been worse! 

So was this giant croissant worth the parking ticket? Yes! Long story short, it tasted amazing. For the size, I wasn't sure how the quality would be, but it was great. There was a ton of filling, which wasn't actually Nutella, but chocolate pudding. Make it make sense? There was a chocolate glaze on top, along with some Oreos, which my boys grabbed and consumed before I could even pick up the giant pastry. This croissant is very messy, however, and you will be covered in chocolate whether you like it or not. 

The croissant was a steal of a deal at only $15 CA, so just $11 after the conversion. This thing is huge, and it lasted three days for the four of us. 

Don't miss these Giant Croissants if you're in Vancouver, Canada! 

Davie Village Bakery 

1216 Davie St.

Vancouver, BC 


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